QR Code & Digital Menus
for More Efficient Service

Simplify the Guest Experience
and Keep Operations Lean with
On-Table Ordering & Payment

Integrating Orders & Payment

Durable QR code sticker pulls up menus, facilitating orders & payment then sends ticket to kitchen or bar


A Better Ordering Flow

Self-ordering online menu at each table enhances customer turnover and reduces labour costs

Automatic Mobile Push Notifications

Customers are notified when their order is received by kitchen, as well as when the order will be served

Direct Online Payment at Table

Integrated payment terminal runs a debit/credit transaction when customer orders from online menu

Why Restaurants Need QR Code Menus

A 50 to 100 seat restaurant will print over 100 single-use menus per day that will be thrown in the trash. If a restaurant uses reusable menus, someone needs to clean the menus every time a customer uses one. QR Code menus are the answer!

Putting QR Code menu stickers on your tables could save you HUNDREDS of dollars per month. It is also a more eco-friendly and time-efficient way to facilitate food & drink orders and payments directly from patrons at the table using online menus.

Our cloud-based digital menu is optimized for phone view and lets you easily add pictures of menu items in real-time.

Embrace the future today and automate your business with Order On the Go’s restaurant automation tools!

AI Technology Working Together To
Streamline Your Business

Custom QR Codes

Give your customers a superior dine-in experience! Order On The Go creates custom QR Codes for your restaurant.

Digital Menus

Order On The Go software is designed to help restaurants run their operations much more efficiently than before.

Elevate Your Restaurant Operations
with a QR Code Menu

It’s never been easier! Set up your online menu now and let customers make orders directly from their mobile devices.
Diners simply scan the QR Code at the table and use the online menu to order & pay for food & drink within seconds.